My Faves: Flat Lays

IMG_4247.JPGIf you would have asked me before I actually began this blog post, how well I thought my flat lays to come out- I would have said, “Not very well…”, but!!! Upon compiling the photos, I have to say I have to pat myself on the back because they’re not too shabby if I should say so myself. 😸



“Capricorn”- Jan 2018

Earlier this year, I have gifted this makeup bag and liked it so much, I wanted to do a flat lay of it, but I have to say it’s one of my favourite shots. I decided to take a shot of some of my favourite things at the time. So yea, totally humble bragging over here.




“Spread Joy”- October 2016

Although this shot was taken in October, it was compiled earlier in the year, as I had “nicked” the jam from the hotel from my sister-in-law’s wedding. I was gifted the tea from a co-worker and just like that, I thought up this shot. Now, I need to go out and look for more vintage crockery!


flatlay 3.jpg
“Supplies”- Jan 2018
Out of all of the flat lays, this one is definitely the one I cringe about; I know I’m probably making something of nothing of it, but yea…I was feeling the vibe of my desk supplies on that day. I think one of the things, I don’t like is that it doesn’t give a “mood” it’s a bit stark for my liking or style, but it’s all learning and maybe someone does like it because I’m more critical of my own work anyhow.


Good Read.jpg

“Good Read”- Jan 2017

If you know me, you know I love all things vintage, so when I came across this book, I was very excited! I haven’t read it yet, but it does help to make some great shots! This is one of my favourite shots, because it fills with the “vintage” feel and because I’m very proud of it. 😸



“Love, Read”- August 2018

This is another shot I love because it’s moody…sense the theme? Nothing like old books to fit the mandate ever so easily! I originally took this shot for National Book Day, with the natural light coming through my bedroom window, a scarf and bam! Here’s the shot.



“Crazy Rich Leaf”- August 2018
This is a shot I took for my blog, as we wrote a book review on the book. I came across a flat lay shot with leaves and feathers around a book on Pinterest and took inspiration from that shot. In the town square where I live, they built a herb garden to encourage people to pick the herbs and cook with. My mother-in-law brought me a massive pile of bay leaves to dry and cook with. I placed them all in a vase because they also smell nice, then I realised they would also help to pull this shot off! I also love the contrast between the orange and the green!

Pink Coffee




“Pink Coffee”- June 2018
I took a different approach to this shot as my other ones because the flower was giving me really soft and romantic vibes. I took different crops of this shot but ultimately chose this one because I wanted a different proportion.


October Roundup

IMG_5627 (1).jpgUrgh. October hit me hard- mostly because I wasn’t ready for its speed and for the cold that met me. I’ve spent the past month in Montreal, Canada and though it’s not as cold as it would be in January- I packed fairly light clothing for the cold that met me. But it also reaffirmed to me that I no longer like the cold- I feel the chill in my bones…the struggle is real.



One of the side effects of fall is the cold, you get the pleasure of the sun, but then winter teases you by slapping you on the face with a huge gust of wind. 😣 I took this a shot of some of the textures of fabrics which make their way out of storage to help us cope with the cold.



If you’re wondering why I’ve named this shot Fluff- I have no idea, sometimes a name just sticks. I took this shot for my blog as a filler shot, but I really liked its simplicity, but also because of the fact that I  recently bought floral props to up my flat lay game. So here’s fluff. 😊


This shot is a bit Christmasy, but I just loved the vibrancy of the red of these berries on the bush. One of the best things about fall is the combination and vibrancy of the colours out there in nature! It really does open my eyes up!





My mother recently moved to a historic area in Montreal, so when we took a walk on a lovely Sunday afternoon, I came across this house with so many lovely details. I’m not really one to like old features in a house, I normally like it for decorative items. But this house made my day!


Autumn Colours.jpg“Autumn Colours”
One of the best things about Canada is the fact that we have 4 distinct seasons, and they are so beautiful to watch the seasons transition. On our walk we came across so many wonderfully changing trees, it was extremely difficult to choose!



An extremely talented friend of mine painted this for me!! You don’t understand just how touched I was to receive this! It’s not often you get presents that are not only handmade, with such talent, but also with such sentiment. I can’t wait to put it up in my office!

Baby A & A Mini Session


Let me tell you, Welcome Henry.pngshooting babies is no actual joke! When I was younger I used to think that having twins, one of each specifically would be so ideal- two birds, one stone. At 33, I know that’s a lie! Just trying to find the right amount of cuddle time for each and to settle and soothe both of them, when you want them to be photogenic- is a task. But, I had a lot of fun shooting them and to be honest, it was a huge learning curve for myself in my photography, particularly. I am usually really hard on myself and can and do find something wrong with most of the photographs I take…that’s how I roll, but to be fair- there’s not much you can get wrong when you are presented with a sleeping baby, especially two!


Sleeping Alyssa- Logo“Sleeping Alyssa”-  While Archie fussed and generally mean- mugged me, I was able to take lots of snaps of his sister Alyssa. She was a great model because she fell asleep and wasn’t bothered by me re-adjusting her.

Twin Toes
“Twin Toes”– Nothing is cuter than baby toes, which is a stretch for me, because I don’t like feet! But on babies, so adorbs!

A & A Babies- Logo“A & A”– I can’t tell you how hard it was to juggle keeping two little humans happy all while trying to take photos of them! We did a quick set up on my kitchen table, because it was my closest source of natural light, but also because it wasn’t too far to reach for them if ever the need arose.

Baby Smiles-Logo.jpg“Baby Smiles”– Typically, I had one baby who slept and was generally not bothered about me shifting and moving her around, but her brother was more concerned with why I was taking their pics. He kept frowning at me!  I won out in the end because he fell asleep and I was able to get shots later, keep scrolling.






“Baby Frowns”– Introducing Archie’s frown. He really wasn’t a fan of me being a paparazzi 😂 and didn’t take too kindly to being shifted into position. But look at that face!!! So cute!!!






“Cheeks”– This is sleeping Alyssa again, I had so many shots of her- it was hard to choose! But I mean, who is complaining!



IMG_4535.jpg“Snooze”– I persevered and got a shot of the both of them SLEEPING!!! No fussing, not frowns and suspicious looks! Honestly, is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby!? Well here’s two!

Twin Face 2 Face-Logo“Twin Face 2 Face”– This is one of my fave shots from this shoot, they both fell asleep and we took the risk to move them into a basket. I really wanted to include the knitted blankets they have been gifted, because it was such a personal touch! Aren’t they so peacefully?!

Timeless photography from my lens to your heart…