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April Roundup

April showers, right?! Well, I can gladly say that we didn’t get too many of them this past month and I ain’t mad about it. The month started out slow, because I was still getting over the March blues, but over the Easter break I caught up and might have just hit lots of inspiration.

“Puddle”– If there’s one thing that’s for certain about Neveah, is the fact if she sees a puddle, she will step and possibly jump in it. And I supposed I can’t fault her for it because, well puddles are fun! We we went on a walk earlier in the month and came across these massive deep muddy puddles, I was very glad she was wearing wellies, but also that I caught the shot of the splash AND came out dry! Everyone wins!

“Alpacas”– I joined the other parents from my daughter’s kindergarten class on a group stroll in our neighbourhood and we came across these adorable alpacas. I mean come on how can I get them as pets?! #squee

“Spider”– Found this little or big bugger in my shed and though I’m not scared of spiders, I wasn’t too pleased to find him; needless to say after taking these shots, I swiftly closed the door and left it well alone.

“Tulips”– One of the best things about spring is all the beautiful blooming flowers! It never gets old, well at least to me. It’s been such a lovely time spending our weekends exploring our local area, we came across these beauties on a trek to a little town called Barley.

“Cousin Loving”– Over the Easter break, we took the kids to do a fun walk/Easter themed activity- they loved it and to be fair I think the adults loved it as well! Here is a shot I managed to capture of my daughter and one of her cousins.

“Ribblesdale Viaduct”– We had such beautiful weather over the Easter break and our family took advantage of it and took a mini road trip through the Dales. We took a pit stop to this beauty and made sure to get some shots. It was a sunny day, but very hazy which made getting the right settings on the cam a bit tricky, but despite losing the sky in the ground, I loved the sun spot caught in the shot.

“Blooming Rosemary”– On a trip to an amusement park over the Easter break, I spotted these beautiful rosemary plants and never realised that they bloomed. It was so beautiful and now I think I’d like to plant some myself.


March Roundup

Wrought Iron

March. Urgh, let me tell you how unthrilled or uncreative (is that a word?) I’ve felt this month, and to be fair it didn’t really make sense because for all intents and purposed the weather wasn’t all that bad. I’ve just been in a massive creative rut and fully hoping the new April spring feeling helps to unblock my creative juices. Saying that, I haven’t been completely useless, I did manage to take a few shots for the monthly roundup.

We took a day trip to Tropical World in Leeds and that was pretty much where the brunt of my photos for the month took place. Nothing like a mini day out to get you capturing some shots. It was a little but breezy, but we still took a walk around the gardens, it was then that I spotted this lovely archaway under the bridge. I think I majourly lucked out capturing the streak of water on the right, I can assure you I never spotted when I shooting.

Disclaimer, I have a general rule about things that crawl on their stomachs- not for me. But! As we walked through Tropical World, I loved the vibrancy of this little dude’s colour; don’t get me wrong, I was very happy he was behind a glass, but still marvelled at him/her ish.

Bay Leaves
I picked a massive bunch of bay leaves from the Barnoldswick herb garden this summer, they have been drying since then and I currently have them in a vase on the window ledge, so it’s not only practical and useful, it’s also decorative. Bonus, I love the way the light was shining on the ledge so I thought I’d capture it.

White Drops
No clue what this flower is called, but it was so pretty on our walk, it needed to make this post, so here it is. If you know it, let me know…maybe the pic will have a better name.

Raspberry Bush
This bush is in my front yard and for the past few weeks it has begun budding, I’m sure I’ve taken a shot of this before, but it’s such a beautiful pop of colour to drive up to that I needed to take a quick shot.

This plant is one of the reasons I love nature so much, it can be hard and yet it can be soft all at the same time. I marvel at trying to figure out which plants get to have soft bristles or hard spikes- nature really is interesting.

February Roundup

Hold the phone! This month was a mixture of the strangest and lovely weather! At the start of the month, was very cold, icy and frosty. As we close the month, it’s like we had a massive thaw and had super warm, dare we say spring-like weather! Odd, but rejuvinating none the less.

“Frozen Holly”– Other than for Christmas, holly is usually so festive, in my neighbour’s front yard is a holly bush which from a gardening point of view is getting out of hand. But! I was very grateful for it in all its glory to get this shot! I am actually quite proud of it.😃

“Masonic Bible”– The Masonic Hall in Barnoldswick will soon be demolished in order to make way for a car park and new houses. It’s a shame to think a 100+-year-old building will soon be no more, but I really enjoyed looking around and taking in the history and beauty in the tiniest details. This shot is of one of the very “worn” Bible, which you know has been through some things. If only it could tell us its story, I loved how the sun shone on the Bible and made it look very dramatic. I normally don’t take very dark/moody photography, but this one I’m proud of.

“Frosty Bud”– In the spring, this bush is one of the most glorious things. With the weather going up and down this poor bush is confused so it’s started to somewhat bud. I probably could have done a better job of getting more detail out of the frost, but once I was editing I was quietly happy with how it turned out.

“Ladybug Moss”– I did a weekend walk to Malham and Ingleboro two days in a row at one of the points where we stopped to catch our breath- I caught sight of this ladybug and I’ll be honest I am very very proud of this shot. I can’t believe how in focus I got it because let’s be honest it’s tricky.

“String Of Frost”– We experienced Britain’s version of The Big Freeze at the beginning of the month and despite the drop in temperature it did prove to create some very beautiful photography- and just the kind I like. I love how nature adds beauty to things we are normally so quick to dismiss or complain about the cold and all the while we rush past the beauty in all the details.

“Moorlands”– Took a walk to Ingleboro a weekend and was lucky with great weather and beautiful skies! I took this shot quickly so I’m very happy it came out well.

“Freemason”– I love this shot, I don’t have an elaborate story re: it, just that the detail and focus surprised even me. Lol.

“Water Froth”– I took this shot at the base of the water leading up to Janet’s Foss, I was taken by the “froth” that gathered by the rocks…yea I know it may not be that interesting, but I liked it.

January Roundup

New year, new attitude! Or at least that’s what they tell you. I’m working on being more visible on the photography front and pushing myself more. I recognise that maybe I kinda am okay at this? And I enjoy working on my craft, but maybe, hiding in the shadows isn’t going to cut it anymore. More on that later, I suppose- but for now, here’s January’s roundup.

Pendle Hill in the Mist“- Creepy much? One of my resolutions was to be more physically active- nothing major, just to get out more and walk etc. So, a friend of mine asked me to walk up with her. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was almost dying once I got to the top, maybe I would have felt creeped out by the thick mist, but the fact of the matter was- I welcomed it because it was cool, refreshing and hid my overheating and sweaty face.

Frozen Heather“- I think the odd weather has been playing tricks on the plants in our backyard because I’m not sure they’re supposed to be blooming right now.

Dewdrops In The Grass“- We’ve had some cold weather over here in the UK, admittedly nothing like Montreal was being hit with, but it also made for subjects to photograph, especially since this month I’ve been struggling with inspiration. As I was doing the dishes and looking out the kitchen window, I loved how the sunlight bounced off of the dew on the grass, so quickly grabbed my camera and took some shots. Something about how the shadows and light appeared really jumped out at me.

Shadows On The Grass“- I loved how the shadow of the fence reflected on the due on the grass. Like specs of diamonds.💎 I don’t have very much else to add to that, but I love this photo.

Livres“- If you didn’t know, livres is French for books, I couldn’t think of a name for the shot, so I simply change languages. It’s what I do, it makes me sound interesting- lol. These are some of the thrifted books I’ve bought over the years. I’ve never read them, but they defo look nice on a bookshelf!

Blue– I have a love affair with water droplets on things in nature. This one is no different, I love how the colour of the sky makes the water droplets pop against the background and also just love how different each tiny water droplet is. I honestly love nature!

Succulent“- I like to think I have a green thumb and so far, luck appears to be on my side. #winning These are some of my succulents, I bought them as a small tiny plant, and now I’ve been able to sprout 4 more plants from them! On that millennial note…

“Green Frozen”– More frozen plants, I have to humbly admit that sometimes when I want to get a shot, especially if I’m pressed for time, I cheat and shoot in auto. When I have the time to be all fussy and artsy and shit, I then shoot in manual. This shot is one of those times! I loved the way the light hit sections of the shrub and I didn’t want the automatic section to blend the lighting. It’s made me realise that I really underestimate the manual setting sometimes.

December Roundup

December. One of my favourite months of the year and yes I am biased because it’s my birthday month, but still- how can you NOT love Christmas?!!? Looking at the year ahead, thinking of what I’ve accomplished this year and how I’d like to up the anty this upcoming year. I’ll do an extra blog post on my goals for the next year-hopefully it’ll motivate and keep me accountable. Keep your eyes peeled.

“Christmas Flat Lay”
Eeek!!! Can I gloat just a bit!? Naa…it’s all good. I am just very proud of this shot. As you may already know, I’ve been trying to up my flat lay game-this year and I feel like this is a HUGE improvement! I didn’t want to use the typical Christmas colours too much- I wanted it to be mostly neutral with pops of red and silver. I think I achieved that, right?😁

Christmas Spices”
My mother’s house is always full of spices, while I was brainstorming for a blog post on my lifestyle blog (My Sister’s Keeper), I thought it would be a great idea to do a flat lay of some of the spices we use for a natural water potpourri we make every year. This is how the shot came about and yea…I’m pretty proud of it. 

“Glass Angel”
I have been trying to get a good shot of some of the ornaments on the Christmas tree because it’s a bit tricky to get a good capture- the darkness of the tree and then the light throws the metering off somewhat. Or, I have to be more patient with the f-stop.  I spotted this glass ornament on my mother’s tree and loved how it looked when the light caught the glass. I will admit that I didn’t like how unfocused the right-hand side of the angel came out, but I had to compromise as the rest of it is in such great focus. 😁 Maybe, I’m just too picky…don’t ask how many shots I took.

“Cupped Snow”
Sometimes all over the internet is filled with photos of falling snow, but it’s actually photoshopped, but I’m super grateful to live in a country where I can get real falling snow, no digital enhancement needed! 😁 The bonus was that my fingers didn’t freeze off. On another note, my lovely model is my sister!

My cheeky monkey playing around in the snow, she tried to throw some at me after this shot was taken. The older I get, I realise how much I don’t really like winter, but when I look at my daughter and all the fun she has in the snow, I realise that what I’m missing the wonder and fun in the snow. I’m sure if I actually went out and played in the snow, it would be far more enjoyable than cowering in a warm house.

“Christmas Flat Lay”
Here’s another shot I tried out for a “Christmasy” flat lay, not much to say about it really- it’s just festive. Need I say more?

“Neveah Winter Smiles”
We had some lovely weather the last couple of days and instead of staying indoors and getting cabin fever, I decided to finally crawl outside and take in some of the sunshine, even if it means it comes with -15 weather 😩! This is my little munchkin enjoying making snow angels and a mini snowman because the snow wasn’t the right snow. LOL.

“Blowing Snow”
This was taken on another one of our mild days after a huge snowstorm. I wanted to try taking a shot playing around with snow. I loved how they came out, it was hard to pick just the right shot, but I loved how it was still an action shot of my sister, while still capturing the blowing snow!

October Roundup

IMG_5627 (1).jpgUrgh. October hit me hard- mostly because I wasn’t ready for its speed and for the cold that met me. I’ve spent the past month in Montreal, Canada and though it’s not as cold as it would be in January- I packed fairly light clothing for the cold that met me. But it also reaffirmed to me that I no longer like the cold- I feel the chill in my bones…the struggle is real.



One of the side effects of fall is the cold, you get the pleasure of the sun, but then winter teases you by slapping you on the face with a huge gust of wind. 😣 I took this a shot of some of the textures of fabrics which make their way out of storage to help us cope with the cold.



If you’re wondering why I’ve named this shot Fluff- I have no idea, sometimes a name just sticks. I took this shot for my blog as a filler shot, but I really liked its simplicity, but also because of the fact that I  recently bought floral props to up my flat lay game. So here’s fluff. 😊


This shot is a bit Christmasy, but I just loved the vibrancy of the red of these berries on the bush. One of the best things about fall is the combination and vibrancy of the colours out there in nature! It really does open my eyes up!





My mother recently moved to a historic area in Montreal, so when we took a walk on a lovely Sunday afternoon, I came across this house with so many lovely details. I’m not really one to like old features in a house, I normally like it for decorative items. But this house made my day!


Autumn Colours.jpg“Autumn Colours”
One of the best things about Canada is the fact that we have 4 distinct seasons, and they are so beautiful to watch the seasons transition. On our walk we came across so many wonderfully changing trees, it was extremely difficult to choose!



An extremely talented friend of mine painted this for me!! You don’t understand just how touched I was to receive this! It’s not often you get presents that are not only handmade, with such talent, but also with such sentiment. I can’t wait to put it up in my office!

September Roundup


🍂September, is such a great time of year when it comes to photography. I will be fully open and honest with you, this month was a wind whirl of emotions and stress. The fact that I managed to even get a blog post out, so over all- I’m happy with all of the content in this post! I’ll fully accept that this blog post doesn’t have any “autumny” shots. But! I’ll work on it, I promise.


IMG_5757 (1)“Dream”

I took this shot for an upcoming post on my blog, but loved it so much, I had to share, but also because I didn’t take too many outdoor shots this month. For whatever random reason, it was lots and lots of flat lays. Which can’t be a bad thing because I feel like I’m definitely improving on them!




IMG_5194 (1)


This is yet another shot I took for the blog, but I don’t know if it’s because I enjoyed the book so much, but I love this shot. The leaves in the background, are actually fresh bay leaves I was drying out at the time. Having an orange subject makes it a bit tricky to find accessories that “blend” well in the shot, but I found that the contrast of green and orange- didn’t look too Halloweeny. So win all round! Ps: It’s a great book, I wrote up a review for it on the blog ()!



Nature and water has always been my sanctuary, this month- I’ve been visiting my family back in Canada. It has been such a great feeling to reconnect and find beautiful areas like this, where I can clear my thoughts. I’ve been to this park many times when I lived here, but it never captured me like this…maybe it’s age.


IMG_5845 (1)“Self-Reflection”

As I hinted in the intro, I had a tough month, so I’ve been trying to find ways to relax, breathe and attempt to take things one step at a time. I’ve always found nature to be that place for me. I took this shot on one of those days, one where I was looking for something good to capture, but instead this shot came about. It symbolizes more of the feeling I felt in that moment, the calm and restfulness I felt looking out on the water.



We went apple picking, because duh! September in Quebec, it’s a must! We chose a different place this time around, because it also had pears and plums, along with apples. We had such a lovely time in Oka and the weather was divine!!





If I’m being honest, the end of this month crept up on me and I wasn’t ready for it all!!! Wah!! Catch you next week!