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My Faves: Animals

I was looking through my repertoire and realised that I had a lot of animal shots, some because I had cats and they are easy prey for cute shots, but also because they don’t away when you point a camera at them!

“Hairy Cow”- 2011
I took this shot in Sterling, Scotland, we took a detour and stopped on a beautiful road to take some shots of the scenery, as I look to my right a massive and I mean massive cow approached me. Other than being scared, I figured it was more curious than dangerous and took some shots. I loved his/her hair and the vibrant colour. I think of that day and smile.

“Leg Up”- 2016
I’ve come to realise I’ve taken a lot of bird pics in my time, but if you’d ask me, I would have thought otherwise. I took a lot of shot of the ducks at our local park, but I was looking for one that stood out and this one certainly did so!

“Serious Star”- 2016
Swoon, my big-hearted, lovable cat- she was scared of her own shadow, but such a beautiful heart. I miss my cuddle bug.

“White Swan”- 2018
While taking a walk last summer, I came across this majestic swan, because is there really any other way to describe swans? I had better shots of the actual swan, but I loved how I caught the water dripping from its beak.

“The Watcher”- 2016
I have to admit, I don’t know how I spotted this little one peaking out of bushes, but I was glad I did!

“Ostrich Plumage”- 2016
I have to say that this is one of my absolute favourite shots, it may not be much to really look at, but I survived being attacked by an ostrich, in low light and still managed to get this macro shot. A win on all counts. I was also pleasantly surprised by the detail in the feathers, sometimes things look so different when you just look closer.

“Resting Butterfly”- 2016
I really love capturing butterflies, but sometimes they can be hard to catch if you don’t have your settings locked in, and I will fully admit to throwing it on auto in to not miss the shot. Meh, don’t judge.

“Blue Jay”- 2016
This shot was a scramble to get, I was actually looking out of my balcony window when I spotted the blue jay land in the tree outside the window. I slowly grabbed my camera and hoped my shuffling didn’t scare it off before I managed to get the shot. I was very satisfied when I saw how in focus I managed to get it!


My Faves: Flat Lays

IMG_4247.JPGIf you would have asked me before I actually began this blog post, how well I thought my flat lays to come out- I would have said, “Not very well…”, but!!! Upon compiling the photos, I have to say I have to pat myself on the back because they’re not too shabby if I should say so myself. 😸



“Capricorn”- Jan 2018

Earlier this year, I have gifted this makeup bag and liked it so much, I wanted to do a flat lay of it, but I have to say it’s one of my favourite shots. I decided to take a shot of some of my favourite things at the time. So yea, totally humble bragging over here.




“Spread Joy”- October 2016

Although this shot was taken in October, it was compiled earlier in the year, as I had “nicked” the jam from the hotel from my sister-in-law’s wedding. I was gifted the tea from a co-worker and just like that, I thought up this shot. Now, I need to go out and look for more vintage crockery!


flatlay 3.jpg
“Supplies”- Jan 2018
Out of all of the flat lays, this one is definitely the one I cringe about; I know I’m probably making something of nothing of it, but yea…I was feeling the vibe of my desk supplies on that day. I think one of the things, I don’t like is that it doesn’t give a “mood” it’s a bit stark for my liking or style, but it’s all learning and maybe someone does like it because I’m more critical of my own work anyhow.


Good Read.jpg

“Good Read”- Jan 2017

If you know me, you know I love all things vintage, so when I came across this book, I was very excited! I haven’t read it yet, but it does help to make some great shots! This is one of my favourite shots, because it fills with the “vintage” feel and because I’m very proud of it. 😸



“Love, Read”- August 2018

This is another shot I love because it’s moody…sense the theme? Nothing like old books to fit the mandate ever so easily! I originally took this shot for National Book Day, with the natural light coming through my bedroom window, a scarf and bam! Here’s the shot.



“Crazy Rich Leaf”- August 2018
This is a shot I took for my blog, as we wrote a book review on the book. I came across a flat lay shot with leaves and feathers around a book on Pinterest and took inspiration from that shot. In the town square where I live, they built a herb garden to encourage people to pick the herbs and cook with. My mother-in-law brought me a massive pile of bay leaves to dry and cook with. I placed them all in a vase because they also smell nice, then I realised they would also help to pull this shot off! I also love the contrast between the orange and the green!

Pink Coffee




“Pink Coffee”- June 2018
I took a different approach to this shot as my other ones because the flower was giving me really soft and romantic vibes. I took different crops of this shot but ultimately chose this one because I wanted a different proportion.

My Faves: Weddings Stills


As wedding season has well and fully kicked off, I figured I’d run down the list of my favourite wedding shots! I know there are the standard and quite obvious shots that we all know and love, but as it’s my faves and because I like being different, the majority of the shots I have picked, do not include the bride and groom…sorry. I want to look at my favourite wedding stills.


Rings & Heels


“Rings and Heels”- May 2016
I took this shot from my sister-in-law’s wedding, one because I LOVED the quirkiness and personality of her shoes, but also because I wanted to take a “different” type of the obligatory ring shot. Did I manage it? I’d like to think I have. It’s one of my favourites, because I love how I’ve captured the details, especially the glitter on the heels!




“With These Rings”- May 2016
I have to admit that the perfectionist in me, doesn’t like or appreciate this shot, but I do love the simplicity and the edit. If I’m being honest and self-critical- I would of been happier if all three of the rings were in as such clear focus as the one on the right…but I’m sure you never noticed that! This was actually shot of my sister-in-law’s wedding bands, along with her engagement ring in the middle.

With These Rings...


The Ring.jpg


“The Ring”- May 2016
I was thrilled, nervous and excited to be able to shoot my brother’s engagement shoot a couple of years ago and this is one of my favourite stills! I love the details in the ring, but also just how much it actually reflects them as a couple.





“Souliers”- June 2017
Technically this isn’t a still because it’s people, but yea…I’m a rebel. This shot was taken of 3 brothers, the groom being in the middle. I just loved how their shoes seemed to express their very different personalities.

Forever & Always
“Forever & Always”- March 2016
I will filly admit to bringing this to the wedding venue with the intention of this shot. Lol. What can I say, it was the photographer in me! I loved the idea of using the ring as some sort of prop. If I’m being fussy, I don’t like the look of the back the scrabble on which the ring is sitting, but it’s a pretty shot.


Floral Ring

“With This Ring”- March 2016

This could be classes as a a flower, but since it has a ring, I’m putting in my top fave wedding stills 😝.  I loved the colours in my sister-in-law’s bouquet, it was a beautiful mixture of flowers which balanced her theme so well.


IMG_9211“Purple Bunny”- March 2016
I hadn’t been to many weddings and then the ones I did attend, I was the photographer, so I welcomed this chance to be a guest and take some “guest” shots. Although, I did take a few cheeky photographer shots, I had the blessing from the bride and groom; this was a shot of the table setting. Every guest had a personally hand “carved” name tag and I made and glued the bows onto pretty much most of them! Hehe, the perks of family weddings, I really enjoyed helping out with the creative aspect of wedding planning…shame I never got around to planning my own wedding…#nocomment.




With This Ring.jpg

“With This Ring”- April 2017
I love and is so proud of this shot so much, it was my Facebook profile pic for well over a year! My bestie had just married the love of her life and I was able to be part of a small group of people allowed to be there! I cried, but it’s how I roll and we had rushed out of the room with so much emotion, I forgot to get a shot of the rings! So, we stood in the best lit place in the Palais De Justice and I snapped away and I legit knew I got the shot! On another note, in doing this blog post, I realise I need to review my naming of rings shots! 😝

My Faves: Nature


Any one who knows me, knows just HOW much I love nature photography! Without getting too “deep”, it’s  my heart song. So, as it’s officially summer and I always feel so full of life in the summer, I figured I’d share my favourite nature from my portfolio so far.


Talking To The Moon.jpg

“Talking To The Moon” August 2016 – I love taking moon shots, they’re so challenging, but I love the results and how the “surface” of the moon changes with every turn- literally.

Sparkle Through The Trees.jpg




“Sparkle Through The Trees” I can’t remember precisely when I took this shot, but I know it was taken with my old Canon on a walk on Mont Royal. Despite it’s age, I still love the colours and the burst of sunlight through the trees. This is why I love fall, it’s so beautiful!

Lake Ontario.jpg




“Lake Ontario” August 2016 – I love, love, love the colours in this shot. It literally has no filter! We had taken a mini road trip and stopped for a break to stretch our legs. I feel like I’m drawn to water- I just love taking shots of it. From the reflection on the water to its movement.



Fire, Fire.jpg

“Fire, Fire” September 2016 – I’m really proud of this shot, still to this day. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, no pun intended. Lol. Shooting in low light can be really tricky to get clean, crisp shots- which is why I look like this emoji when I see this shot.💃🏿


“Skies Mosaic”– As you can tell, I love shooting the sky! I actually have many more shots of the sky during the day as well! It fascinates me the variety of colours nature can throw at us! I mean…this is the same sky!




Raindrops on Leaves.jpg

“Raindrops On Leaves” October 2017 – If you don’t know already, autumn/fall is my absolute favourite season! I am a person who LOVES colour, so spring and fall gives me all the feels! As I had parked the car up, I walked around to get something out of the back and spotted these lovely leaves. I am always fascinated with macro shots and water droplets- they are just so pretty! I was lucky this was one of the moments I had the camera with me and here’s the shot!


Waterway & Tree.jpg

“Waterway & Tree” June 2018 – Nothing much to say about this shot other than I love the composition of it. I’d love to say that I took my time and planned it, but the truth is that we were taking a walk and I looked up lined up the water and the shadow on the right, I only spotted the tree’s composition once I was editing it! Whoops!

“Nature’s Gem”

If you’re on my social media, you would of seen this shot previously, but I  am just so proud of it! Especially given the ghetto camera I had at the time! For me, it was one of the moments when I was really precise and really worked for the shot, I had to use my finger behind the web in order to get my camera to focus and then move it away without disturbing the water droplets! It was intense, but after seeing the shot, so so worth it!

Nature's Gems.jpg


Nature has always been one of my first loves when it comes to my photographic journey, it has always served me well, it continues to inspire me!

My Faves: Weddings- Portraits

We can all accept that weddings are ALL about the bride and the groom, as they should be, but for this blog post, I wanted to look through and share another side to the shots captured at weddings- the guests, of course! I also wanted to share the not so typical shots; especially some that might not of made the original cut.

IMG_5514-logo“All Smiles”- June 2017

Because it’s a candid capture. That’s all…Need I say more?






“Cuddles & Kisses”- June 2017

I really enjoyed shooting this wedding, it’s probably the one wedding where I was actually at ease, maybe it was because my sister was helping me or because it was such a simple, but lovely, intimate wedding. It is genuinely one of my favourite wedding to shoot!


“Cheeky”- May 2016

Some times, in the middle of all the fuss and the excitement, it’s easy to forget just how you go there. This shot is one of my faves because it it was an unscripted  moment between H & M, where they were able to relax until the idea of someone basically being a paparazzi 😀.



Neveah Looking Back

Neveah Looking Back“- March 2016

This shot makes me swoon! Just to look back and think of how young my daughter was back then, how absolutely adorable she looked in her cute dress- just all of it! This shot was honestly a fluke, she wanted to look out the window (ever curious), as she sat on the window sill, I decides to take the shot of her. I loved the beautiful details on her dress, the bow, the petals- all of it!



Romantic Bird

Romantic Bird“- April 2017

This has to be one of the funniest shots I have ever taken, especially as it was completely unplanned; of all of the times to fly across my camera and for me to actually accidentally catch it! Luckily, I got the shot I had planned so it all worked out in the end, but this bird sure added some humour to the occasion!










Mum-In-Law“- March 2016

I really like this shot, mainly because it’s candid and even more because dear ole mother-in-law isn’t looking at the camera. Lots of people don’t like being photographed and become more tense when they are aware it’s happening; so I was especially pleased with this shot. If I’m correct, it was during the groom’s speech, so maybe because the focus wasn’t fully on her, it allowed for an even more “perfect” shot.






Moms Times Two“- May 2017

This was taken at my brother’s wedding, I was so caught up in most of the moments, that if I’m honest- I didn’t take very many photographs. That being said, I was glad I took this shot of mom and my brother’s mother-in-law and though we were inside a tent, the lighting was in my favour- I don’t think that I’ve posted this shot before, but I suppose, better late than never!






Weddings are very much high stress, for not only the couple to be wed and their family, but also for us, the photographer, so I welcome the chance to shoot the people who help make the wedding what it is. Having unscripted moments and being able to witness bonding between guests is one of the reasons I love being behind the camera.

My Faves: People/Portraits

In lieu of sticking to my goal (yes…I’m very behind on it) posting more images and more of my content; I’ve decided to share some of my favourite shots of people from the past few years. Some may have already been shared previously and a couple, I never had the courage to post; so here goes.


Steely“- Aug. 2015: I took this shot on a whim, it was a hot August day, we decided to fill buckets with water and have an impromptu water play day! Neveah has always loved water, from the 1st time she had a bath she literally leapfrogged in the bath! Scared me to death! Anyhow, I decided to focus the camera on her as she played and then gently called her, she looked up and I quickly snapped this. The intensity in her eyes, maybe from wondering why I was taking yet another shot of her…no idea, but I am really proud of this shot. I know I am biased, but she is just so gorgeous! #swoon


Love Toes“- May 2015: I was asked by my lovely friend to take shots of her little girl a few years ago and of course I couldn’t say no! This shoot was far from your standard one, it took place at her home, with her entire family as my cheering squad. #nopressure. I took a lot of shots of Baby S, but this one is one of my favourites, because who doesn’t like baby toes!?

IMG_5250Daddy n Me“- May 2016: I love this capture, it’s so simple and came about with ease. We were at the boardwalk in Hudson was trying to keep Neveah from going in the water. Lol, Ben then picked her up and she rested her face against his, I just snapped away- it was only later when I was editing the shot that I realised just how lovely of a shot it was. Her expression is so sweet, I. Just. Can’t. Deal. #squee

“Reggies & Sam Engaged”– Date: This was one of the earliest photoshoots I did, where I actually offered to do the shoot, this is notable because I need to work on my self promotion more, but as it was my big brother- I knew them well enough that I would be comfortable, so it gave me practice and them photos…win/win. I really enjoyed taking these shots, the backdrop was lovely, I had two gorgeous models and they were really open and willing to try different shots, even if I might have been uncomfortable, it didn’t show on film! Family is always great to practice on!


“The Milfords”– March 2016: We had the amazing luxury to be able to fly over to the UK to witness my sister-in-law and brother-in-law get hitched. It was a great family reunion, with wonderful atmosphere and lots of fun to the kids; Neveah didn’t want to get off the dance floor! I took a few shots throughout the wedding, but I was very self-conscious (no change there), but I was also trying to be considerate to the hired photographer and to also enjoy the wedding itself as a guest. Trust me, I very much enjoyed the candy bar!